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Thread: Road Runner Facts...

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    thanks for the support guys..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winni
    Hey Guino,
    the big feedback is cause of your great work!
    As you can see, many people liked mediacar (me too) and were so happy that this project is (re-)alive and much better than before
    I thank you so much and very excited what comes next!


    PS: Donation comes, have to collect some money first
    I can do nothing but echo these comments... I've probably given you a hard time... mainly because I am trying to do new things and push the app to its limits. You have always listen and more often than not posted an answer. ( And lets face its guys to answer all the posts here takes time in its self ).
    From my point of view I want to thank you for doing this and getting ... well MC users back up and running... from your point I hope mine others feed back are of some use to you.

    Well done mate... hope to see you around for a lot longer.


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    Even with all the other good front ends out there, Road Runner is getting SOO much attention, that it does really show how many people liked MC and now can do all the things they wanted and faster....


    It's time to bump up my donation....
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    Wow! - I just downloaded and installed RoadRunner and it worked perfectly and looks great (other than the GM logo of course )

    I'll be making a donation right away - keep up the good work!

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    Parts all acquired - testing underway
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