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Thread: RDS Radio in RR.

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    for sale HQCT-i

    Anyone interested in the HQCT-i. I tried it now for half year (bought in september) and did not get it working as I thought it would. Back to my HU.

    Price 90 euro including the SMB to Motorola antenna adapter.
    Location: The Netherlands

    Regards, Joaquin

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    hi. why is rds a good feature?:P
    you guys have important messages running through it in america?

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    RDS is normally not important, though very nice to have.. I do hear some places in europe provide traffic and other alerts through the RDS information. But just knowing what song/artist is playing makes it a valuable option to me.
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    The biggest advantage with RDS is the automatic station tuning. Say if your listening to station "A" and your on a road trip and passes trough several areas where this station is sending on different frequencies then it would automatically switch to the next available source for this station when the current one gets to "noisy".

    But the next big thing in Europe is DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) witch is a system similar to XM but used over landbased transmitters rather than sattelite.
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