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Thread: Confused .....wich front end !!

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    Exclamation Confused .....wich front end !!

    Hi Guys .....

    Just registered in Mp3car....i am new to mp3car ! However started considering car pc for the last 3 years. Managed to set up a car pc using irman, winamp and plugins and a dot matrix green display for my school project! the project is back on and going fast ! I am using a P3 512MB Ram 80Gb samsung hdd 200w psu 400w continues inverter, irman, dvd rom, lilliput 7"widescreen (not very good comments on the site altough ) and custom case !!!!

    ... I`ve been using media engine for testing and i like it allot however it seems that ...more front ends with more features avail !!

    ...It seems like Road Runner is the hottest ....will try it out very soon. So does road runner supports irman, dlink usb radio, picture viewer and an internal ripper ??

    Thanks for your help guys !!!

    Will post pics asap !!

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    Don't ask Confused! He'll only tell you to wait for AIMEE!!

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    It doesn't (as of yet) support many of the features you've mentioned, but they're being worked on.. (see my website below for progress information)
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    Download all of them and try which one fit you best.
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    Hey guys ...thanks for your replies

    However i didnt know that confused is a user !!!

    guino I will check it out later but seems packed with features !!!! My compliments !

    Catch ya later guys

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