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Thread: Mp3 Playback

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    Mp3 Playback

    Hi all,
    I have searched the forum but have been unable to find the info required, so can anyone help me please?
    When I playback an album on RR and the last track ends, I have to select the next folder to play. Is there a way of making RR play the next folder automaticaly?
    Sorry if the question seems dumb, but this is my first attempt at setting up a Car PC......Many thanks.

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    just add all your folders at once, then it will all be in the playlist and therfore play everything... just press "back" (the up/out arrow button) and click "play" (select) on the folder that contains all the album folders, it will load them all..
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    Many thanks Guino, I am slowley getting to grips with things and should be ready for the install soon. I then need to find the time to do the work.
    Once again, thanks, and keep up the good work with RR.

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