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Thread: I-BUS sterring buttons now working for RR

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    can anybody please tell this newbie newbie ;-) which of the two cables in the trunk of the cdchanger contains the IBus connector? I have orderd the USB Ibus connector for the use with roadrunner.
    I have a 2 connectors in the trunk, one with 3 white ones with stripes colors and one with also 3 wires wiht one brown red and white i took a picture see ( ) for the 2 cables..

    All help is very welcome !


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    I need some help configuring the ibuscomm.ini to work with voice control in RR. I have set the hotkey to F10 in the voice.ini file and set the STW_RT_PRESS to KeyboardMap={F10} but i cannot get ibuscomm to successfully "press" the hotkey. When I press F10 on my keyboard it works fine, but the ibuscomm program cannot do it. Could it be maybe because the ibuscomm program is sending commands to RR and not to my voice program?

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