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Thread: Open Source Skin Editor for RR

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    Talking Open Source Skin Editor for RR

    Version 0.3 is released.

    The binaries in this post are for v0.3. I have added a few new features and fixed a few bugs. Unless there are some major bugs, I won't be releasing a new version for a while.

    The binaries in this post are now for v0.3

    ---Original Post---

    Version 0.2 is released.

    I have updated the binaries in this post to v0.2

    I don't have time to detail the changes right now, but this version is far, far superior to v0.1. This version should allow you to completely create/modify new and existing skins.

    I will detail the changes in a later post. I don't have the time right now.

    ---Original Post---

    Guino's Road Runner software is already one of the better CarPC software projects available. Because of the rate he releases his updates, it has been hard to find skins that will utilize his functions and I find it painful to manually edit the .skin files to implement new features and to design skins.

    I have written a RR skin editor in VB that will (I hope) encourage those with more graphical talent than myself and Guino to create some really snazzy skins. I know it will be tough to maintain a skin editor that will keep pace with the new features as Guino adds them, so I have tried my best to make this as flexible as possible.

    In order to use this software, you must have the VB6 runtime installed. This will be an open source project just like Road Runner, so if any of you VB programmers want to modify the program, go for it.

    There is no way I will be able to keep up with frequency of the releases of Road Runner, so please don't be impatient if the newest features aren't immediately supported.


    Load the program, choose File->Open Skin and navigate to the folder where the skin is stored (Usually C:\Program Files\Road Runner\Skins).

    To change between skin files, select the file from the Screens menu.

    To select an object, click on the box representing the object on the skin, or select the object from the list of objects on the left. To edit the object parameters, double click either the list entry, or the object on the skin.

    To move an object, select it by clicking on the object on the skin. The object will be highlighted and you can move using the arrow keys. Holding Control will move the object faster. If the object cannot be clicked on using the mouse, select it from the list on the left, then click the empty area surrounding the background. Holding Shift will resize the object.

    To reorder the objects, select the object from the list and press the "\/" to move the object down in the order and "/\" to move the object up in the order. This is useful because the way the arrow keys selects the buttons is in the order found the skin file.


    New object types can be added to the program by adding an entry into the file "objects.txt" found the same folder as the skin editor. Whatever is typed in the file will be displayed in the parameters window.


    The only way to add a screen is to manually copy or create the file in the folder. Also the only way to delete a screen is to delete the file manually.


    Here is list of the stuff I intend to implement. Send me have your ideas as well.

    1) Color picker
    2) Font picker
    3) Mouseover + down previews of the button objects
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    Man, this is looking REALLY SHARP! Really nice.. It has very nice features for resizing, moving etc (specially for doing it with the keyboard which is more precise)..

    A few (Future) suggestions I have (asides from the ones you listed -- nice ones) are:

    -Status bar (or just a label) to show the current area of the object while moving/resizing an object (just so we don't have to double click on objects to make sure they're aligned)

    -I'd suggest adding a quick "if" to prevent flickering of the image while holding down the shift or control keys

    -When clicking ADD, may be we should show a list of objects we can add (from objects.txt) and allow the user to select one (because it is not as intuitive to enter the object type and number -- but it does work).

    -I'd really like to see an option to create and delete .skin files -- Specially to create the headers and allow setting/editing the Skin Description name.

    I did not expect anything this nice would come up so unexpectedly.. I for one, know I'll be using it a lot...

    Thanks again for your very nice work on this..

    EDIT: It's now easy to see how some skins have their object areas so badly defined..
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    Looking good, the actual creation of the .skin files is what had me stumped whenever I tried to create a skin, hopefully over time this app will help me create skins easier. Thanks.

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    This is fantastic! The interface is very intuitive and easy to manuver in. This will create an explosion of skins for RR.

    One suggestion, the zoom feature is fantastic, but when you zoom in there are no scroll bars to move around on the zoomed screen.

    Thanks again for creating this fantastic tool!
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    hmmm typical aint it, just when I start using flash someone goes and brings out a awesome skin editor like this !

    Nice work fella


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    Anyone know of any decent image sources for icons and such like on the Brushed Metal Skins?

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    Good work,compliments!


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    yeah... i second that UK_mp3car!!! I always wanted to know where people are getting all these icons to put in the buttons!

    im definately psyched to try this out!

    I have one sugguestion... could u make it posssible to not only move buttons, but also rotate them?
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    CDRSKULL dont stop working on that flash Gui that thing is amazing.
    I do hope that this program gets some more skins for RR out there.
    Originally when i did this i was so sure i would be using Frodoplayer but now....
    I'm all about the RR.
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    alright, i messed around with the app and it seems as though there should be a way to copy/cut/paste objects between all the skin files.
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