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Thread: IRMAN Girder and Roudrunner

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    IRMAN Girder and Roudrunner

    I have installed IRMAN and girder and Roadrunner latest version.
    When using a remote control from pioneer I noticed that I receive input from it on Girder (double checked with zoomplayer and GML file for this and worked).
    When using the one from RR, I receive input from my remote towards Girder and when RR he gives no error and can find the window but nothing happens.

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    Did you associate the Girder events with the commands in RR's GML file ? -- It does NOT have anything associated by default.. You don't even need the remote to test the commands -- just open RR, and Girder, right click on the command "PLAY" for instance and hit "Test Command" RR should respond to it even if the remote settings are not setup right. If it doesn't respond, then there's something wrong in the Girder GML file or RR.
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