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Thread: Mappoint won't launch

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    Mappoint won't launch

    I installed Mappoint today. I have the lateset version of RR and the latest skin.

    Normally I use Garmin's nroute which I have setup as the external GPS program.

    When I select Mappoint on the GPS Selection menu in RR, the blank skin loads ups but Mappoint never launches.

    What do I need to do to set that up?


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    There was a bug in the BrushMetal Skin update (in the GPS MENU), download the brushmetal update again and it should work -- you really just need to update the GPS_MENU.SKIN file if you want.. you can either replace it with the one form the update or edit it manually to make sure the line that says "Mappoint" starts with B01,... and the line that says "RUN...." is deleted. I had awhile ago setup RR to run MediaCar's Mappoint and had forgotten about it.. sorry..
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    That did the trick thanks!

    Now stupid question #2. Why was did the Original MediaCar have Mappoint support instead of something more economical like Streets & Trips?

    (Not criticizing, just curious)

    Thanks again Guino!!!

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    Mappoint is actually an active x control that comes with Mappoint applications. A programmer can embed this Active X control and write custom features for it. However, Streets and trips uses the same active x control but its locked down so that a programmer cannot re-use the active x. Therefore, you would not be able to embed it into any application like you can with its parent version.

    With mappoint your paying the the ability to embed the control in a custom application... (from a programers perspective)
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    Ok makes sense to me now. Thanks!

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