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Thread: Another RR convert...

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    Another RR convert...

    Hi Guino,

    Just a few words to tell you that up until Sunday I was a hardened Frodoplayer user. I'd just finished my carpc install on the Saturday ready for a meet on Sunday when I suffered stuttery playback of mp3's.

    This was somewhat a blow when I searched the Frodo forums to find this was a fairly common (and unresolved) problem.

    My hand was forced to changing my frontend and I chose RR. I tried earlier versions of RR on my laptop and found it quite buggy in places so I was not totally confident at a success.

    However, installation and setup was seamless in my car and I'm fairly confident it will become a permanent fixture, once I've tailored a skin for it.

    All I need now is PhoneControl integration and I'll be one happy chappie

    Thanks again - a donation will be finding it's way to you shortly

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    On speaking with Guino recently I believe Phonecontrol integration will still be coming :-)

    RR is very stable and I think is possibly one of the more versatile frontends, I'd recommend using the skineditor for creating your .skin files.

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