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Thread: Feature Request: play song on select

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    Feature Request: play song on select

    RR is an awesome frontend. I am in the process of switching out MediaCar. If possible, I would like to make a feature request? Can you implement an option to have the song play on select on the audio player page rather than having to double click it. It would be so much more convenient to just tap on the song once and have it play. Thanks.

    Btw: You got donation from (ady91770 @ yahoo . com). A small contribution for your hard work.


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    You can also select it with a single tap, and then hit the Play button and it'll start.

    If I remember correctly, someone else already asked for this feature/option.

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    I actually requested this a while ago but if things are open on single click then if you are trying to manage playlist it will change track each time you click on a song maybe some kind of option to choose either method would be cool.

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    I agreed with you guys, certainly shouldn't be hardcoded but maybe an option in rrconfig. I'm aware that you can select the song and tap play but it would be nice to eliminate that extra tap.

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    I would also much much rather have single-tap everything than even have the ability to build playlists. Building a playlist in the car isn't really something I want to do, and IF it was, I would want it implemented as Click-and-Hold like it is done on the newer generation iPods to build a playlist on the fly. Then if you want to you can save that playlist and give it a name.

    This would be a really nice feature to add as an option. I'll make a patch if I have time.

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    The problem is that by clicking on a playlist item with the mouse, generates the same event (right now) as if you were simply scrolling through the list using the Up/down buttons, so right now, this would basically mean that if you were to use up/down/pgup/pgdown RR would also switch songs everytime a new item is selected -- I know you don't want this to happen, so I'd have to make a separate event in the list item and it requires a bunch of changes.. I may re-visit this later, but there are more important things to do right now.
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