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Thread: Exit button suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathranar
    I think I'd like to be able to configure any button to have two actions - one for a quick press. One for a press and hold.

    I've just started work on my own skin. I have lots of ideas but I suspect I'll have to make additions to RR to support them .
    Thats a good idea about the dual button functions, especially with all the functions of RoadRunner its difficult to fit them all on one skin.

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    I don't know about the press and hold idea. I've used other carpc frontends that did that and it was almost impossible to steadily hold a button down while driving. Maybe if there was some algorithm to detect a slightly moving focus point as your finger wiggled around.
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    That one button that takes you to your home directory when you press and hold it gets a lot of use out of me and isn't hard to 'hold' it.

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