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Thread: Can Flash resize?

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    Can Flash resize?

    I've started creating a full Flash skin for RR, and I'm being optimistic by creating a native 800x480, hoping that VIA will indeed release a BIOS!

    My flash files are 800x480, so since my monitor is running at 800x600, I figured I just need to put these lines into the general.ini:

    OriginalWidth =800
    ShowWidth =800
    ShowHeight =600
    It seems to stretch any 800x480 background image up to 800x600, but it leaves the Flash at 800x480, centered vertically with 60 pixels gap on each above and below the flash. (That's with skin file specifying w=800 h=480)

    With skin file specifying w=800 h=600, it still shows the flash as 800x480, but seems to position it at the bottom of the screen - so 120px gap at the top.

    Am I missing something, or is this a feature request?

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    RR DOES resize Flash Objects... It is possible that I have accidentely set the "proportional resizing option" in the flash object which would cause the result you described above..

    EDIT: I indeed have the wrong setting there so expect this to change on the next version to where it will work..
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