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Thread: I need an easy exit

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    I need an easy exit

    Right now I have to hit 3 buttons to go from mp3's to desktop with rr. Can the exit tab really just exit instead of the popup menu? Is there a way to just hit one button or is there a minimize button I don't know about?

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    you could program an EXIT button on your remote like i do...or you could just chang the button on the main menu to exit if u want.......and you could put a button on each screen for exit as well.
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    You certainly can exit using only one button and no pop up menu.
    Go to the configuration program of RR. There is an option that you set to configure the exit button behavior. Set this setting to the option “EXIT”.
    From now on, when the exit button is pressed, RR will be immediately terminated.
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    There're also both a "MINIMIZE" and a "QUIT" command that you can use in any screen to minimize/exit RR directly with one click. You probably need a skin that has such functions or you'll have to create those buttons yourself.
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    tolison got it, thank you for all the replies! I really like rr, thanks for everything you do guino! .Next thing i need to fix is the dvd player built in to rr, the aspect ratio is off and the subtitles are always on.

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