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Thread: RR 4-20-05 .. XM Preview ..

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    guino, for some reason im still getting the same issue where my video browser is seeing all my mp3s (HUGE list). The video browser should only see mpegs, mpg, and avi's, but instead it sees my thousands of mp3s which makes it read hard and tedious to navigate through. Why is the video browser going to the same folder/files as my audio browser? Are they suppose to be linked? They should be totally independent in terms of where the last place that you browsed into. Any ideas? thanks
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    Right now, you can only go into the video browser FROM the video player.. if you're trying to use the remote to go into it, you MUST be in the video player or it will launch your audio browser instead. If you want to, you can edit your file to change the code from "LIST" to "LOAD;VIDEO_BROWSER.SKIN" -- this will never load the audio browser.
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    just wanted to say thanks guino! the video screen remote controls work great now and the showcontrols is sweet too!
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