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Thread: 2 questions...

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    2 questions...

    My first problem is:
    I want to embedded MM in a second .skin file to make it nearly fullscreen...
    But if i load it via "LOAD;;Map Monkey;C:\DestinatorApps\Map Monkey\MapMonkey.exe;Map Monkey - [GPS]" it seem to load MM a second time instead of just embedding it.. Even reading out data via the tcp port isn't possible anymore... do i use the wrong search string for MM because when i set it to external gps it works.. but then i can't read out eta, etc..

    Second is it possible to load mm (send to the background) with roadrunner so it shows speed,... even on the begining... now I have to go to gps wait until mm startet and then get back to the main screen the all data is shown...not a big problem but would be nice if it would work somehow...

    thnx btbe

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    When MM is natively embbeded, then it becomes part of RR's skin so it can't be re-embbeded. I could perhaps create a few extra commands to allow unembbeding it, and control hide/show of windows (because you may need it)..

    You can simply specify your COM Port in RR so it reads the GPS even with MM closed, then you can use the GPSXXXX label codes to display the gps info.. when you open MM RR will automatically switch to pull up MM's info.. The other option is to use something like "DESTINATOR||EXIT" as your start command (of course that increses your first load time)...
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    I'd like to second the request to have a feature that toggles MM embedded/unembedded. I'd also like to have a fullscreen with MM that I can use when I just want navigation.

    I am having MM issues when I try to use the RR OSK and send in key presses to MM. Sometimes the keys are lost in MM other times the whole word I've types in the OSK gets deleted. I know RR is working prefectly as the OSK shows the correct typed letters, it's just how the key presses are getting to MM. This issue is very random there doesnot seems to be any consistency to when letters get deleted from MM.

    I remember Guino mentioning RR OSK and MM input may have issues because it is natively embedded.

    If it could be toggled embed/unembed I be greatful.

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    would be great if you could add extra commands ...but i didn't understand the thing about the start command...

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