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Thread: Temp monitors

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    Temp monitors

    I noticed that the Interface has temperature monitors. Where can I get the hardware to add the temp monitors? I want to put one in my PC and one inside the car. Sorry if this has been answered before, but I might have been using the wrong words while searching.
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    Well your motherboard has built in sensors for CPU and case and fan speed....
    Go to Guinos home site and use the link to down load MBM5. This program can be used to get this sensor info and pass it to RR using the MBM command from within RR skins. THe MBM5 program must be running all the time in order for RR to get this info.

    As for the car sensor, "Mauri" has made available his sensor circuit which you can DIY. Search for him on this forum and you will find the answer. Also you can buy a device called Phidgets that is also compatible with RR.
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    The sensor that is supported as a "standard" in RR is the one listed on my website.. Kit #145 from .. there are distributors in many locations in the world.. some will even sell it assembled.
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    How do i change the skins to use motherboard temp instead?

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