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Thread: Unified Base RR Complete Skin Request

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    I'm so happy that I generated a thread that has exceeded 2 pages. Glad to see everyone here is so enthusiastic!

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    UK MP3car... any chance you can publish the skins and the PSDs I gave you fotr everybody else ? May help as a start ??


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    Yup sure, will upload tonight and put a post up here tomorrow. Is it just the .zip files??

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    Something else I thought of....

    I really miss the Time of Day display from my old HU. I know that it is on nearly all of the skins, but it is usually very small. It would be great if the font size were a bit larger on the main menu making it more obvious and easier to read at a glance.

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    well, now that I have read through the 2 pages, I kinda surpised that Guino hasn't made any postings yet...

    This would be a good idea, as we all wait for all the current skins to get updated...

    I still think that Guino must dream of RR code...with having so MANY updates!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMVEE
    Maybe Cirond's WINC would embed
    I have actually seen ScreenShots of WINC embbeded in the Launch screen...

    I was away for work this weekend, I did manage to work on RR a little, will fix one or two more bugs I found and release it prob. tomorrow..
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