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Thread: Standard skin goes off bottom of screen

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    Standard skin goes off bottom of screen

    Hi guys,

    Installed RR yesterday to check it out as I'm thinking of moving over from CentraFuse.

    I'm using the standard skin, and have selected 16:9, but it's going off the bottom of the screen, and I can see a few pixels width of the desktop over on the right hand side. Switching to 4:3 didn't make any difference.

    Screen is a 700IDT and I'm using an MI12000 board with the screen res set to 840x480 (I think).

    Am I missing something in the config?


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    not in the config.. but in the skin.. the default RR skin is 800x600 this it's not as wide as your desktop and it is taller than the same.. all you have to do is open the file general.ini in your skin folder (likely Skins\Brishmetal in the road runner path) and change the showwidth and showheight to 848 and 480. Either that or just set your screen to 800x600 -- which should likely look better but it's up to you ..
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    Thanks guino, I'll give that a try at lunchtime.

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