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Thread: Cruise Control

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    easy, yes.. but there's more to it than just the buttons.. break sensor and clutch sensor (if manual).. otherwise you'd basically just have the buttons on the screen, but no indication.
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    This is really for "show off" rather than the purpose.
    Next time you slam your car to the wall head in and blame "Windows crash and screw up my cruise control".
    Anything that interferce with the operation and safety of the car is a NO, NO.

    Most/all car already has the cruise control on the steering wheel. Don't be lazy just to to use your finger and use it.
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    90% of what we do is for "show off". I think it would be neat gimmick. Leave the cruise on/off button to the stearing wheel and have the acc/resume, set/decel, cancel buttons run by the computer. Safety? Cruise can't activate if it is turned off or if the brake is applied.

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    if you are scared of a pc crash institute a manual shutoff button, kills all signals coming from pc to the car... i personally think a manual shutoff should be installed in anything dealing with addon technology, just makes things safer and easier to control
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    On the surface this proposal sounded dangerous but I think you've got the failure mode figured out. You just need to be absolutely certain that pressing the brake disconnects the PC from the system, just as it intervenes with the switches on the steering wheel.

    If you hack the steering wheel controls using the relay(s), the PC ought not to be able to "take over" the car any more than a sticking "accelerate" button on the steering wheel would.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte
    the PC ought not to be able to "take over" the car any more than a sticking "accelerate" button on the steering wheel would.
    I've had a stuck acc button, freaked me out. Stepping on the brakes takes care of it though.

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    I think alot of people are reading too much into this.. If I am right, you have the cruise control that effectivly has 3 buttons:

    one to switch the system on and off
    one to increase speed
    one to decrease speed

    as the switches would only be "on" while they are being pressed even if the computer crashed it wouldn't make any difference, unless it locks a relay on (dangerous if it was the increase speed!). However that is as much as the computer would interface. It wouldn't be connected to the main "brains" of the CC and as such, pressing the brake would turn off the CC anyway.

    But I do agree this is more for pose then practiaclity

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