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Thread: Police mode.!

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    I think this is easy to implement using GPS and some VB coding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldwing
    I think this is easy to implement using GPS and some VB coding.
    make a plugin for map monkey or adjust the day log plugin that already exist, or read the date and time from the txt file that it create.

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    I don't see the point of making guino working harder than he already is. Just make a skin that doesn't have DVD and/or MOVIE buttons and you are set.
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    errrm why dont u just add a hidden button, that starts the audio player, and stays in that secondary screen, until u press the exit button(or back to menu)??? why do all these complicated things?? when its already made? eg....u have ur video player, which is defined by ur skin.ini, what u then do is add a hidden button, press that, and the audio player pops up, with in that second skin u then are able to go back to the main menu, or play vidoes etc(after going to the menu of course) and it should resume ur music too...well the last played song if u turned that feture on...

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