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Thread: How to tune TV station inside RR

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    How to tune TV station inside RR

    Hi, when you move from here to there it happens that previously stored TV preset don't work anymore. How to embed winamp TV plugin configuration tool in RR in order to be able to do a quick scan when needed? Or, better, is there any other way to tune TV card from inside RR?

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    don't think so.. at least, not yet.. maybe possible after I expand the embedd application support for multiple windows.. right now, you can at most, make a second set of presets and have a button to switch the preset files (.BAT file to rename/move the folders).. this depends on the TV card too.. my ATI for instance, makes a preset for EVERY station (even the ones not available) so I could simple switch to knwon Channels when I know they're available..
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