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Thread: Radio Shark with RR

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    I contacted Griffin back in April, and this is the response I received:
    At this time we are developing an SDK to be released with the next update of
    the Radioshark software. Though I cannot give you an exact date, the SDK
    for XP will follow the Macintosh release
    The Mac v2 beta has been available on their website since May - no offical Mac v2 release since, nor a Windows v2 or SDK.

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    I just emailed two different people at Griffin and they both told me that there is no SDK and that as far as they know one is not planned. So they must have scrapped the idea since April.


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    Question Need help with radioShark and RR

    maiwand: Can you send me the skin you made for radioShark? It looks very nice. I also need to know what ini files I need to change (itís so many of them). Please provide as much details as you can. I'm new to this.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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