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Thread: Cinergy radio config in RR Config ?

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    My guess is you probably just need to update your drivers.. the RRCTV application is supposed to work 100% outside RR without having to use anything else (I didn't even have the Cinergy applications installed). Once you take care of that, it should work fine in RR.
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    mhh.. drivers are new, just downloaded.
    isnt there some command in RRCTV to load the radio unmuted?
    but maybe the the problem is just having the terratec apps installed.
    i will uninstall the cynergy apps and try... i will let u know but now im going away. i come back next monday.. few days of holidays
    (btw.. i didnt find any fix on the net for the michelin balance bug ..but that's a minor flavour.. and moving the wave control up and down wont solve the prob, gotta move back the balance command in the center pos in the mixer screen)

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    Hi, I have a problem with rrctv.
    When I start it, I get a message that tell me 'msvcrt71.dll' is missing.
    I've searched this dll in system32 folder but I don't found it.
    Any suggestion?


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    Try reinstalling you net framework (msvcrt71.dll is included with .Net)

    Also i understand that msvcrt71.dll is no longer used by microsoft to compile,are you sure your using the latest Cinergy software for your 600?

    You could also try updating you FDShow codec (older versions have a dependency for that file).

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