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Thread: Function startup

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    Function startup

    Hey Guino...

    When I started this adventure a couple of months ago, I installed my WinTV card so that I wouldn't loose my beloved radio. During my testing I remember distinctly stopping and restarting RR countless times and when I re-entered RR, it would remember the last function I was in and resume.... at least I think I remember that. I don't know why I have such a strong recollection of this, but I do seem to remember launching RR and it returing to radio if that is what I had last selected. I do remember there were no restarts, just in and out of RR to change configuration settings in Radiator and Winamp. I'm sure I'm on glue, but if I'm not... how do I get back to that again. I'm planning on playing with HORM shortly, but, well you know the drill. I hope I'm not repeating something, or wasting your time with this question.

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    There's no Radio, XM or Video resume curently.. RR will only resume Audio on startup (optional).. only if/when you use Hibernate, RR will resume to exactly the last thing you were doing..
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