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Thread: RR loading screen when I press Day/Night..

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    Question RR loading screen when I press Day/Night..


    I'm a very happy Dutch user of Road Runner for my carputer. And I really appreciate the loads of updates from Guino for it.

    But I've got and bug/error since I update RR to the last version from 5-12-05 witch is very annoying.

    When I'm at the main screen, and I press the day/night mode button. RR comes with and LOADING screen. and stays there.. it just hangs and stops responding.
    Who's got an idea what this is?

    I use the regular BM skin (updated version). and GAMMA control for the day/night function.


    Oh, and another question, Is it possible to (un)force an external program to maximise? I use creative pc-cam control software to record my driving skills
    And It just flips when I load it in RR apps. It tries to maximise but it switch every second back to normal mode. (Rotating screen. Maximise>normal>maximise…etc)

    Maybe it's an nice idea to make an plug-in for RR what will record any video stream? (like webcam, composite of TV).

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    I had the same problem.
    There's a line in that you need to edit, it's presently calling CDRip
    I don't have it right in front of me, but I believe i changed the CDRip enttries at the end of that line for "GAMMA","Gamma mode" (including the quotes)

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    Tnx. I will try it later this day. But I think your sollution is possible, because I don't use the (beta) cdrip option.

    Maybe Guino changed that line for his new cdrip development.

    A few hours later..

    Hey Wingz,

    Your right. it was the ling with the "gamma" in it.
    But U don't change the value gamma. simply delete the first part with cd-rip stuff in the line and replace it with the words 'gamma', "gamma control"

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    yeah, sorry about that.. I was "testing" and forgot to fix it.. the download is fixed now..
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