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Thread: Mame for RR

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    Quote Originally Posted by fixumdude
    There is a .... a gamepad button.
    Cool, I'll look into it

    If I can get the send keys to work I think I'll be golden but this may be better as I wont really have to build a skin for it (and I am sort of lazy so...).


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    Quote Originally Posted by HyperSprite
    Enforcer, thanks for the heads up, I thought I tried that and it didn't work, then I tried yours and it worked like a charm. You rock

    Thank you for the mame link.

    More classic games to install

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    Mame and Keyboards

    I had installed Mame32 a long time ago, and after format & OS reinstall, I just never put it back in. I do remember there being a configuration screen in mame itself when it is running to assign any keys to whatever you want. I remember this well, as I also had a wireless Axis pad, (like $20 at Wally World) and mapped it to work with mame. I remember mapping the start button, to F1 (Whcih starts most games) and another button to "insert quarters". Once all mapped, I never had to use the keyboard for anything.

    On top of that, in the individual games, you cam map the game to whatever you want. For instance if you want to map the Jump move in Mortal Kombat to say your left finger ect. For another game you can make the left finger say move left ect ect...

    I wish I could remember more on what it took me to get to the configuration (I think it was a function key) but I know 100% positively it can be done.
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    Yes - DITTO on that.... exceptional link........

    On the flip side - the FLASH games slip into RR soooooo smooooth. Is there anyone that has a site with a decent list of converted to flash games. These are the golden ones for RR. Very easy to embed... ??

    Thx .

    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Thank you for the mame link.

    More classic games to install

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