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    RR Help

    CAn anyone tell me if you can use RR to play music in a directory listing, like in Media Car. Or can you only use playlists.

    Also I'm having real problems with skins, I can only get Brushed Metal skin to work everything else (alpine amber), loads RR, but the screen never appears. just stays on desktop view.



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    What do you mean with directory listing? Browse files and play them directly? If that is what you mean, yes you can. Playlists work too.

    Did you install the skin in the right place? You have to have a folder called Skins within your RR folder. In the Skins folder make a folder with the name of the skin and extract the skin to that folder, like so:

    C:\Road Runner\Skins\Alpine
    C:\Road Runner\Skins\Brushmetal

    You also have to set the skin in the RR Config, but that explains itself. Good luck.

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