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Thread: TOMTOM / Pocket PC Emulator / RR

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    run tomtom navigator with xp and the emulator

    fine can you explain the process for install tomtom guenine or cracked version

    i an run he emulator (cradle it with emulator manager ) some problem with async , but definitly can't run tomtom aplication on ppc device

    how do you manage it please ? b rgds gui4242

    Quote Originally Posted by ctwizard
    Well ladies and gents It seems that the pda emulator and the tomtom version 5 software works. Picks up the USB GPS RECEIVER as long as the emulator is configure to COM3 Serial Port 0 (Or what ever com port your usb device is) and then in TOMTOM configure for OTHER NMEA DEVICE and select Serial Com port 1

    Works like a charm

    Thanks to all

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    To everyone who worked on this and made TomTom possible on a PC - THANKS!


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    Well i tried map monkey and was not happy with it. it did not go as smooth as for my friend who have a "Acer PPC N35" with TomTom5.
    Tom Tom 5 is the best looking, best features and smothest GPS program i have seen.

    Its a shame the Emulator takes so much CPU but im gonna try this anyway

    BTW: How the h*ll do i get this "The guest ID" on ""
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    OK, I have downloaded and installed ths simulator, and after a few hours of figuring out how the emulator config / command line parameters working, I have it running quite well, but I am using a localized map for Singapore which is much smaller than for the UK so speed is probably better.

    I only get excessive processor usage when doing a WM cold boot, if you setup and use a .dess file and create a shortcut to it then it's surprisingly fast. It would be good to be able to strip out the excess WMsim code from the .dess file, and that would make it even faster.

    I also have mine configured with the map data copied to the WMsim my documents folder which means that the .dess file has grown by the size of the map, and since it looks like this .dess file is a database file which holds all of the O/S and data files, it could be made quicker by mapping a 'REAL' folder with the map and possibly the application on it.

    I am going to test it running the map embedded into the .dess file as well as having the map data on a real drive.



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    It sounds good.
    I've tried other software with uk maps (Mappoint, iGuidance and Destinator) but Tom Tom seems to be the best all round IMO. Not to knock the excellent work by NM with Map Monkey.
    I can't get my version of TTN to install on the emulator because the machine ID is different to my PPC and the activation fails... No doubt I'll get round this soon.

    Good luck with your testing

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    OK, as a PPC user I have a few questions. I read through the thread and my hats off to all that did the digging and testing..

    Does the emulator act like another PPC within ActiveSync ????
    without external hardware of course.
    So that you would install applications into the emulator just like the PPC.

    Someone mentioned that the Epia motherboards support Win CE ..
    How would you do that ??? I upgraded my CE2.0 on my Ipaq 39xx via the USB boot feature from the PC. I don't even think that I have the original CE CD, as it was like 5 years ago.



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    The emulator gives you a window with generic ppc controls, WM2003SE. It can access your hard disk like a CF/SD card. It is very processor intensive whilst booting up...
    as for the epias I don't know, sorry.

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    Regarding the problem of 100% cpu usage while running tomtom via the emulator, would THIS solve the problem?

    Can this really be hooked up to a car battery?!

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    I hope someone can help,

    I installed Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SDK and Emulation Images. What else do I need, to run TomTom on my PC. ActiveSync is installed on my PC, too.


    It would be nice if someone could make a "HOW TO" like:

    1. What do I need
    2. How to install
    3. How to run the Programm


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    The WM 2005 Emulator is out....


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