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Thread: winamp vis

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    winamp vis

    is possible embedded ,in audio skin, the winamp vis in a little windows?
    now when i launch the visu, i see thewinamp front and the winamp visu windows.... idon't like it

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    You have simply to check the "Hide Winamp" in RRConfig

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    Yes, possible. Like Fabio said, one thing you need to do is check hide winamp. The next thing is to make sure that the visualization settings jive between winamp and RRConfig. Either Mildrop, AVS or other (You select windows title). Then, if you like, you can adjust the size the plugin appears on RR, for this you will need to search the forum there was recently instructions given on how to do this. If it helps your search, use my name - I was part of the discussion as was Guino. Good luck.
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