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Thread: Is this possible? dvd vid with mp3 audio?

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    Is this possible? dvd vid with mp3 audio?

    hey all id just like to make a bit of a request. i was using a friends alpine DVD player 2day and he showed me something i thought rather cool. he put on a DVD the changed the sound source back to a CD that was in his stacker. so that we could listen to music while still have something playin onscreen. makes it a lot less tempting to look at the screen while driving.

    is there anyway a feature like this could be intergrated into RR? perhaps something like a button in the DVD player mode which switches the sound source back to winamp so that u can leave the movie playing while listening to music perhaps even when you select winamp as the Sound source while in dvd player mode you could make the foward and back commands control winamp so we can change songs as well??

    just a suggestion

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    anyone? or has this already been suggested and ruled out as to hard or something?

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    has been suggested... I won't be doing any work towards that, but nothing prevents you from running WinDVD/PowerDVD while playing MP3 -- You'd just have to Mute the DVD player.. this should not affect mp3 playback.. the simplest way of doing this is to follow the FAQ on launching an application on its own skin.
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