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Thread: Wintv usb2 help, mpeg graph not connecting

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    Wintv usb2 help, mpeg graph not connecting

    When I start the winamp plugin I get an error saying. "MPEG graph cannot connect", then if I close it and try again i get "Can't connect capturer to mpeg demux".

    The plugin does open but I don't have access to the scan for channels button.

    Anyone help with this?

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    It's normal to get an error the first time you load the plugin. Just make sure you select the device and capture settings on the plugin and restart winamp -- This is in the FAQ. If everything fails I suggest deleting plugins.ini in your winamp folder because sometimes (specially when the device isn't present) the plugin tends to mess up its settings.
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    Hello, I'm experiencing the same problem with my DVB-T usb card... Tried to close and restart many times but is always the same error... What can I do to solve this? Thanks in advance for support!

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    Have you checked that your DVB-t is supported by the winamp tv-plugin? I think the homepage is still up and running on
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    it's all ok

    do you need to install mpeg2 decoder... i use cyberlink decoder and can you download all codec and decoder as k-lite codec pack full.


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