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Thread: Speed up MP3's

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    Question Speed up MP3's

    I have everthing installed in my question
    Once I start up RR for the first time and hit seems that it take a while for all my mp3's to load up...
    All my songs are in my C:/My Music. Is there any way to speed up the process. I have about 2700 MP3's....If this was answered..sorry

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    If you're using ID3 tags, click the "Lazy Tag Loading" option in RRConfig. It will speed up the loading of large playlists -- much like Winamp does by reading the tags of what you're viewing (on demand). If you're loading 2700 files with ID3 tag enabled it will take time to read 2700 files from the disk. You can also simply disable ID3 tag support and just use filenames (like I do) and never have to worry about it.
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    I'll try that once I get in the car...Thanks

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