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Thread: Mute - Unmutes when reducing volume

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    Mute - Unmutes when reducing volume

    when you mute RR, then decrease the volume, it unmutes it,
    it may just be me but i think it would make more sence to keep it muted while u reduce the volume, only unmute if you increase the volume.

    what do you guys think. also, what about an attenuation mode? like quite a few Head units do, you have a button where you can take the volume straight down to X level, and when you trun it off it goes back to where it was?

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    I disagree with you on the volume... I mean, what's the point of adjuting the volume to an "unknown" level -- it is just like having the volume "jump" to a level that you don't know what it is (like MC used to do)... there have been discussions about this in the past and I don't intend to change the way it works.. basically MY point of view is that you should always be able to hear the music/etc to know what the volume being is set onto.

    Now, the Attenuation is not a bad option.. I typically just mute the sound when I need to pay attention to something but it's something nice to add -- but You'll need a button on the skin just for that (or you could change the mute button).. And since adding this function will imply a couple of things (settings+code+indicator etc), I want to see a few people backing you up on this before working on it.. I have been pretty tight on time lately and there's still plenty of bugs to look at...
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    I have owned a few head units that had a button to reduce the volume. I think it was a % though, and not to a preset level. What I mean is it would reduce BY 20%, not reduce TO 20%. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, this would be a nice option someday in the future.

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