Just a note about a funny thing I discovered.

Our Comp has AC 97 sound drivers for the on board audio. When you instal the sound manager it puts in all sorts of neat controls and sound hall effects as well. That is also where you reconfigure the output jacks on the mobo.

Well we are using the spdif output on the MOBO to go into a DAC. This we figured would give us the best quality as we could use an external DAC to do the AtoD conversion and give us more control.

So we were surprised that it sounded like crap. Messed with it and messed with it still sounded like dog doo. Until we discovered that Winamp has it's own EQ. It is independent of the EQ provided by the sound card driver. If you have both enabled, one fights agains the other, instead of one cotrolling the other as well. And this caused some serious distortion of the material played.

So if you are running sound card drivers that include an EQ adjustment, and almost all do. Then you are advised either disable the driver EQ or Road Runner / Winamp EQ and control the eq from just one source. We decided to disable the Win Amp EQ (The one that opens when you hit the little configure button in road runner) As it seemed to us that the driver based eq yeilded better sound quality than the winamp software.

As I did not find any mention of this on this forum I figured I'd post this tip.