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Thread: RR stop responding after girder send Play command - Solution in...

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    RR stop responding after girder send Play command - Solution in...

    Hi All,
    for those have read my precendent post I've found the solution for the problem whit RR stop responding to Girder command, the problem IS NOT OF RR BUT IN WINAMP whit Creative Audigy installed software, read this:

    "" SB Live/Audigy Sound Card Users, READ THIS

    Before you ask for help make sure you delete gen_nomad.dll from the winamp\plugins directory. This faulty plug-in silently installed by Creative PlayCenter has been known to cause serious problems with Winamp. For more information please refer to this thread

    You can also delete CtnPluginRes.crl which is associated/installed with gen_nomad.dll ""

    I've found on winamp forum.

    Thanks to all and thanks to Guino for RR, bye

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    wow... I know I would never have found this problem .. (I do not have an Audigy card nor its software)..
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