Hey Guino,

I'm sure you get lots of "feature requests", so feel free to ignore this one if you find it's way beyond your scope of interest. I was thinking about whether it would be possible to implement a feature for GPS navigation that would do something like this.

It would be a popup panel which, in large letters, would have the following information:

- next direction point (TURN LEFT on XXX, CONTINUE ON XXX, whatever) [because the current way, with the small font on top, is really hard to read while driving...]
- since RR can tell the distance remaining to the next point, and the current speed, maybe a countdown timer would be nice, showing [approximately] how much time is left to the next point. Maybe even a trip countdown timer, just for the hell of it, though that's definitely not precise.
- some other information features along these lines (in essence, moving the whole top line in the GPS view onto a separate, larger-sized, panel).

Would this even be possible, and of interest to anybody?



[EDIT]: Btw, there's currently a glitch in RR (although more likely it's a Mappoint glitch): if I'm driving on a route A-B, B-C, C-D, D-E and while I'm driving on segment C-D, suppose my computer reboots: when I re-enter the GPS navi screen, it will say the next route point is B, and it will count UP the kilometres (since, obviously, I'm driving AWAY from it by now). Doh.