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Thread: Start command for apps?

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    Start command for apps?

    Ive searched and found you can use start command for things like your gps or audio etc, but can I use it to start a 3rd party app that I have in the apps list?

    Its called Gastohunter, my launch ini for it is this

    PATH = D:\Apps\Gatso Hunter\GATSO Hunter.exe
    TryEmbeddedTimeOut = 5
    WindowSearchString=Gatso Hunter v0.2.1

    Ive added both the name and the window name but no cigar- is this possible please? Its a stand alone speedcamera database and while i dont always want my gps on around my local county, id like to have that on at all times.

    Thanks a lot

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    You should be able to do that using the LOAD command..

    LOAD;LAUNCH.SKIN;;D:\Apps\Gatso Hunter\GATSO Hunter.exe;Gatso Hunter v0.2.1

    Read skin commands.txt for details on "LOAD" and other skin commands you can use as a start command (any of them)..
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    LOAD;LAUNCH.SKIN;;D:\Apps\Gatso Hunter\GATSO Hunter.exe;Gatso Hunter v0.2.1||MAIN

    That does the trick for me- loads back into the main screen afterwards like that

    Thanks a lot guino

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