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Thread: DVD with internal player

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    DVD with internal player

    Hi, i m italian and i just started with my 1st PC CAR in my MR2. I installed Alpine skin of RR but i m not able to read dvd. I can read sigles VOB files, but i cant see it as a dvd and read it from start. Can anyone help me?
    and also... where i can find italian translation 4 map monkey. And for last...
    how can i use my motorola mpx 220 bt phone with RR?

    Thanks a lot... i will post my photo soon (i hope! )

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    You can't play DVD's on the VIDEO screen... you want to use the DVD screen for that.. as long as media player classic is installed ans setup in RRconfig it should work.. if it doesn't take a look at and make sure the DVD button is not setup to load Windvd or PowerDVD skins..

    On the phone support, you have to check PhoneControl's compatibility list and set it up accordingly to make it work in RR..
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