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Thread: Localized chars wrong in phoco

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    Localized chars wrong in phoco

    I am testing phonecontrol and it seems like when i use phoco embedded in RR my local danish characters get changed to something else, i have Locale set to system and my system is running danish. If i use phonecontrol as standalone outside RR it works fine. Any ideas ?
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    Do danish song titles appear correctly in the playlist ? it should be basically the same thing... You do need to use a font in the skin that supports danish characters.. or it won't work.
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    this is still a bug of phoco, this will be changed.

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    sorry didn't meant phoco but the code in RR...working on this!

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    BTW. I played a bit with the code (modPhoCo) today and I've made some changes because I experienced some timing problems reading the phonebooks from PhoCo.

    Drop me a mail (not PM) and I send you the changes I've made.

    As for the chars: PhoCo is usualy sending phonebooks iso-8859-1 encoded (as the encoding attribute says in the xml PI)
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