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Thread: SKINbedder embedding problem

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    OK I appear to be having major issue with the Delorme USB to Serial drivers. THey work when they want to work it appears.

    I just did an uninstall of the drivers with the receiver disconnected, then connected the received and reinstalled the drivers. RR now embeds correctly.

    Why does the embedding not work when a receiver is not detected? Seems strange to me but maybe there is a logical explaination.

    Anyone have any better drivers for this Earthmate or should I just trash this darn thing? I imagine any USB receiver I get will need the USB to serial drivers so it probably will not make sense to just get a different one.


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    I've played a little with Skinbedder in existing skins but now I'm making my own and I'd like some clarification on what can be done directly in RR vs SB to display/customize IGuidance. I understand SB allows you to create buttons to control IGuidance (&others) but can't RR do the same directly? If so, I'd like to avoid the bloat of adding additional apps (SB and AutoIt) and avoid the confusion of having to use two skinners.
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    You can't REPLACE the buttons in IG with RR... and if you want to send commands to IG you'll have to have to make special buttons for EACH skin you use.. SB allows you to use the same buttons etc in different applications and skins.. Plus SB has a few improvements on NAG removals etc..
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