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been having the exact same issues and trying to find a solution also.
The sendkeys command in RR I think is ok and does what its supposed to do, the problem is when IG is embeded in another app, skinbedder,igskinner etc they arent sending the keys through to the embeded apps. And in skinbedders case, it even hides the IG window and only the process shows up in the taskmanager.

I think when the next version of RR is released the problem will be solved as you wont need skinbedder etc, as RR will embed IG natively and remove the titlebars etc. So the command in post4 from guino will work better as there is no otehr app inbetween getting in the way.
that would be great to have it resolved in the next version. I'm not using skinbedder. I haven't even had a chance to check it out, yet. At the moment, using iGmod if not only for the OSK. But I do like zots' functionality of buttons for the various shortcuts.

One issue I recall is the Enter Address button. In the iG help, it plainly shows the correct keystroke, which i believe is {a}; however, it won't work when launched from RR, though it DOES work with just iG open. I changed the SENDKEY command from {a} to 4 {ENTER}s and it worked that way, though it's definitely messier.