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Thread: who cares about the date and time? (POLL)

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    Maximum Bitrate
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    Oct 2003
    yeah, i use both, the time much more frequently than the date, though...

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    Once I take out my clock and put Defi gauges in the clock gauge pod I wont have a ugly green clock anymore.

    So I hope to get a In Dash pop out that has time on it.
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    Perfer to have the time. Normally I use my cell phone instead of a watch but that can be a pain in the @$$ while driving. Can do without the date though.

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    I am not too interested in the date either, but the time is useful. Maybe you can put it somewhere where the "other stuff" is optional so that it can be a simple change to the skin file and you have either an extra button, or time if you need it.

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    Stupid Toyota/GM/Delphi put the 03/04 Matrix clock on the radio which I nuke out in favor of the LCD. Toyota realized the stupidity of GM/Delphi design and add it to the car/radio bezel for 05 model. The Alpine replacement radio has it but sometime the stick is in the view. Sure I do need the clock. Date I don't care and it doesn't have to be on all screen. If I don't know what date/day today is, I must be dam having lot of time. Well when you are jobless, you don't have to think about when Friday is coming cuz everyday is Saturday/Sunday.
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    I am replacing my headunit so I won't have the time. I like that its in the skin. But in play with the skin editor I found its easy to remove. Just find the time/date boxes and delete them. Then you can stretch the song title over the whole top of the screen if you want.
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    I care, hell, I'd like to see the current calendar as well.. but then I may be a bit unique in this.

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    You can put the time/date in one single label by making a button (invisible) behind it that when clicked, switches the info displayed.. if you really care about that space, you can share the time/date with another label so its only displayed when you click to view it.. This is somewhat like more mods did in the alpine amber skin for RR...

    I personally like the time and date there.. I do have a watch in the car (behind the screen), and I have a wrist watch.. but it is a lot easier to just look at the LCD than to be fiddling with buttons on my wrist watch while driving...
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    iRunners approach is cool... Click the car logo and it switches to a clock...

    if you are already contemplating a logo space, of course...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyN
    iRunners approach is cool... Click the car logo and it switches to a clock...

    if you are already contemplating a logo space, of course...
    I'm already a logo clicker. I coded my logo to bring up my temperature and sensor skin upon clicking it
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