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Thread: who cares about the date and time? (POLL)

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    damn what happend to my second post

    anyway, Thanks for the suggestions guys.
    I think im gonna nuke the date or make the time a switch label

    I like the idea of clicking the logo and switching to time (currently its a mute button) but i dont want to rip off irunner so soon

    ill figure something out, space is at a premium


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    Quote Originally Posted by grepzen
    I care, hell, I'd like to see the current calendar as well.. but then I may be a bit unique in this.
    Would be an interesting approach. A calendar could be benifical at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    Embed Outlook
    close.. I'd like to embed Rainlendar which has 'events' & 'to do' features.. link them to voice-text so that I can dictate notes and reminders as they're conceived.. which are then EZSync'd when ever I get near a network (mine or otherwise)

    now, just embed/skin outlook and we're set.

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    I use both, would also be nice to show 2-3 different time zones as well.
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    keep the time/date
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