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    I have some trouble with hotkey because i need to use some commands when RR is not in focus !
    it is possible to define that some hotkey function also when focus is on embedded application.
    i know that is possible in Vb use the function GetAsyncKeyState, i looked the source but i didn't have a great experience with VB...

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    I will not be implementing anything that "catches" key presses when RR doesn't have the focus because it can produce various issues..

    Nothing prevents you from making a small application to catch hotkeys and send SDK commands to RR (as the SDK example demonstrates)..
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    thanks for the quickly response, I think as you, my problem is that when i lanch GPS (MapMonkey) i am unable to send command next - prev to RR to change song, i also search for hotkeys in MM but they didn't seems to work.
    Now if with SDK is possible to make this i will try...

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