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Thread: Winamp EQ auto load presets

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    Winamp EQ auto load presets

    I am setting up RR as my front end, and I really like the idea of having an automatic loading custom EQ setting for different music. Winamp does this, but the only problem is that it only does it one song at a time.

    Does anyone know if you can set the auto load preset for an entire album? It just doesn't make sense to me why they would not have this feature. When listening to a particular album, all songs will typically sound the same. It is switching between albums that you really need to mess with the settings. At least most of the time.

    Itunes does this very well, and you can easily select all songs in an album and apply your custom EQ settings. So if you need to make a slight adjustment, you can apply to all the songs in the album (or songs selected).

    I can't seem to figure out how to do this in winamp. It is a drag to have to save the same EQ setting for every song in an album, one at a time. Then if you decide to make a small change, you have to do it all over again.

    On another note, if this is not possible with winamp, could I use itunes as my main mp3 player within RR. I know I could launch it as an external app, but can I use it the same way RR uses winamp?


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    I believe I can make RR load .EQF files from the same path of the current song.. That should allow you to control the Pre-Amp and the 10 EQ band in winamp automatically for each album.. but this would not help you with winamp volumes (there's no volume info on the .EQF files) -- the preamp would definitely help quite some..
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    That would be great. Not sure how others feel about having custom EQ settings automatically load for different albums / songs, but I find myself changing bass, treble, and sub settings for every album I listen to with my current alpine deck. So this would be a great thing.

    So basically, what one would have to do is create an .eqf file for a particular album and store it in the albums directory. Then when you choose to play any song, it looks in that directory and will load the .eqf file getting the EQ settings you want.

    This would work great. Going one step further, it would be even nicer if one could generate the .eqf file from within RR in the mixer screen. So as I am listening to an album, I can adjust the EQ and preamp settings the way I like, and then press a button and it would automatically create an .eqf file in the directory I am currently using. That way you wouldn't have to go into winamp and try and use all the tiny buttons on your touchscreen to set up the .eqf files.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks for the great front end.

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