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Thread: RR install and config PDF

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    RR install and config PDF

    Well peoples I figure it's time to clean up and compile a official Install Config manual for RR. I have started creating this document using the FAQ's and Read Me text docs that come with RR. I will be using screen grab images to highlight certain config processes so it is as step by step as can be for a generic defaulted install.

    So Guino you can expect numerous emails about clarification of some of the items that appear in your faq's and readme's

    Later if time allows I can start on a advanced config document.

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    cool, can I suggest an HTML version? I tend to like that more than PDFs.... just a directory with images and docs... that way you can plit it up, link it up, etc...

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    I'd rather it be HTML also but since you're the one doing it, I'm in no position to demand/request anything.. (just posting my opinion)...
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