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Thread: DirectX plug-ins in RR or winamp!?!

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    Lightbulb DirectX plug-ins in RR or winamp!?!

    Hi Guino, first of all... sorry for my english(my language is italian)

    I have tried all front ends but Road Runner is the best! (i use the old original Mediacar skin(the best for daylight) modified for phone &...).
    My problem is the equalization of my car, the eq of WinAmp is not enough for the perfect correction. I need multiple parametric eq before the winamp's one(as an example i can use the eq of winamp only for eq like pop, rock,phone ect).

    I have tried the Adapt-x plug-in for winamp and is ok... but i cannot manage it from RR!
    Now i have found the adapt-x engine sdk

    You can do anything with this?

    For me is very usefull to have an integration between RR and many DrecX plug-ins(for example like "waves maxxbass").

    Ciao Ciao

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    I am very skeptical about integration of PAID software.. there are many 100% free plugins including a 250 Band equalizer and many Normalizers available... RR also supports volume based EQ settings (configured at .INI files). If you find something that is free I can reconsider, otherwise You should just minimize RR to control your specific plugins... or you always have the option to code it yourself (and I'd have no problem on adding it to the main sources)..
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