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Thread: RR and MS Streets

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    RR and MS Streets

    I'm unsure of whether it's a skin problem or the guts of RR.

    I have ms Streets embedded in RR.

    When I go to the gps pane I see Streets start. If I switch to say music, then back to gps, RR starts another Streets session. I want it to use the first session. Where do I start to look for a solution

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    you have the window name wrong. Either that or its changing window names on ya. Check and make sure you have that correct. When RR cant find the window to "re-embed" it just starts another instance.

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    Hey. I just tried it on my desktop and it works using Zots. During the whole month of july, it didn't. I'll have to make sure my laptop has the latest software.

    In july, it had the correct name because it was embedding. Sorry for the thread.

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