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Thread: winamp lib database suport question

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    winamp lib database suport question

    How do i turn it off?
    I prefer to allways browse by dir, so i dont have any need for the artist/album/genre text at the top of the playlist.

    I searched the forum and looked at the release notes when you added this feature, and you mention that it is totaly optional, but didnt really say how to turn it off.
    Now normally (im assumeing others do also) have winamp setup to watch folders by default, do i have to turn this off and delete my winamp database to turn the feature off?

    Ok, just checked and yes, deleting my database turned the feature off.
    Is there anyway it can be a check box in RRConfig "do not use winamp lib"
    so you dont have to delete the database? Sometimes i run winamp by itself for various reasons and i need the database.

    Priority for this is very low, unless its super easy, i can live with it the way it is. Maybe i can install 2 versions of winamp (which isnt a big issue) and have one dedicated to RR and the other has the database.
    That'll work.

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    You can make a simple .bat file to rename main.dat and main.idx to something else when running RR and then rename it back when launching winamp... that's the easiest way to do it... what I typically suggest is to have one copy of winamp for RR ONLY and another for whatever else you may want to use.. that way what you do while using winamp is not going to affect the way RR works (with its own copy)..
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