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Thread: Phoco not working in RR Win 2000, help...

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    Phoco not working in RR Win 2000, help...

    Hi All,

    I am a newbie and having read the contents of this forum as well as, I have plunged and bought the Phonecontrol with as close as possible of a config to zorro to avoid problems (namely the purchase of rather old T610, connect it via DCU-11 and use the bluetooth headset).

    Trouble is when I install the the phoco on my desktop running XP, all is well. It works independently as well as integrate into RR.

    But once I transfer it to my carpc running Win2000, phoco and rr can run independently but not integrate. When I try to run phoco within rr, nada...not signal, no contacts...naaaathing.

    I went back to the desktop, tested works. So I took the easy way and copy lock, stock & barrell the contents of rr & phoco directories into the win2000 system. Same thing, so I am really confused as to what I may have missed. The phoco logs on both system is identical!

    I have tried reinstalling .Net framework and DirectX to no avail. I have re-installed both RR & Phoco also to no avail.

    Kindly help please. BTW, I also got no speech on the Win 2000...not sure if it means anything since I have installed the SAPI, etc.

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    hmmm, sounds interesting. I have tried to get RR to work with phoco on two PC's but to no avail, both PC's are running w2k. must try it with XP. maybe you have found the solution to my problem.

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    I personaly never tried phoco on w2k... don't even know if it would work.. but the new version of RR will have better phoco connectivity...
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    I recintly experienced exactly the same problem with my carputer with win 2k Pro installed. It all works together in my laptop with XP installed. So I installed XP over 2k on my carputer and...'Viola'... all problems fixed! Dont know why, but hope this helps. Good luck.
    ps- I also have a T637 phone. All communications done via bluetooth. Works AWSOME!!!

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